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The Hallow Social 

Deconstruct & Disrupt The Status Quo

In a post-pandemic world, a wave of deconstructionists have left the church with little resources to lean on. Leaving a religious community can be incredibly isolating, especially if it is all you know. 

The Hallow Social is a social campaign created for the deconstructed religious community; specifically for women & LGBTQ+. Its purpose is to serve as a safe community for individuals who are looking to have open discussions based upon their religious experience.


A zine, journaling app, social media page, and stationary items are available to use throughout your deconstruction journey. Although it can feel lonely at times, it is the Hallow Social's hope that this can be a place of refuge. 


Self Love Club Zine

The Self Love Club is The Hallow Social's first Edition zine. It focuses on body positivity, sex positivity, and deconstruction culture. The zine features a special Q&A pulled from instagram users who bravely shared personal stories regarding purity / church culture. 

Ironic Illustration #2

Question Prints 
featured within
the zine

Ironic Illustration #3
Ironic Illustration #1

The Hallow Journaling App

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Stationary & Journaling Supplies


Promotional Items

Poster Series

Hallow Social Photoshoot

Photographer: Gracie Heart
Creative Director: Cassidy Bidwell 

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